Walt Anderson’s Big 12 Reno Camp Recollection – Part 2

My roommate, Ted Scheiss from San Diego at the University of Nevada stadium

As promised, here are a few nuggets of wisdom I collected while at the Big 12 Reno camp. Most don’t have the exact origination or the speaker who shared but they most certainly came from the Deep Wing Officials breakout sessions so we’ll give Greg Meyer, Jeff Lamberth, Phil Laurie, Scott Koch , Dave Warren and of course, Walt Anderson all the credit.

The bill of your hat does not lie

Get rewarded for doing nothing – if you are in the position you don’t have to do much to have a well officiated play

Have placard – Will Travel

99% of the plays call themselves

Al Jury – Five Super Bowls – Think he’s got something right there?

Most officials know what is best to do. The great ones know how best to do it.

Recognize the problem before it becomes an emergency

Creative use of common sense

There comes a critical point in some key games in your career, where without a moment of courage to step up and make the call, you miss the opportunity to be an exceptional official

The fewer excuses you make the more convincing you are

NFL Side Judge Greg Meyer gives some feedback

Make the most difficult games appear easiest to officiate

The good officials return quickly to their game after a mistake. The greatest actually see it coming and prevent it.

See as much as you should, but not as much as you can

When you reach the top, the next step is four times more difficult than the previous step it took to get there

Extra special drive to exceed expectations

Good officials are motivated and driven by the desire to achieve – NOT be better than other crews

Inexperienced official HOPS situation from situation
Experienced develops a FLOW

Winners associate with winners

Mediocre officials recognize their talent and work hard to stay there.

Confidence without arrogance

Best coaches and best officials do two things better

And my personal favorite:
A mediocre official is always at his best

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