Big 12 Clinic – Friday Film review

Here are some random thoughts about film review from my recent trip to Reno, NV to attend Walt Anderson’s Big 12 Reno clinic.

Adjust to see matchup
Move up to see better – 15 yards
Come off the goal line if not threatened

The bill of your hat does not lie
Don’t accordion in too far.
Stay out and see the field –
Stack and bunch – take all RCVs until they commit then go with the receiver that comes into your area
Stack – 2
Bunch – 3

Take a few steps up on YOUR plays when you signal

Get rewarded for doing nothing – if you are in the position you don’t have to do much to have a well officiated play

Big 12 Side Judge filling in as an Umpire story when U went down.

Have placard – Will Travel

99% of the plays call themselves

Al Jury – 5 Super Bowls

Double Action – the process where two movements occur when a runner goes to the ground. The Knee down first, the runner lunges forward where he finished the play

Press coverage – stay with your key the entire time, see the entire play

Going to the ground to complete the catch – HOLD let the play develop, let the catch finish

visual mechanics – Visually Progress from original block to the lead block

On all DPIs – know where the foul occurred so you can identify if its a 15 or a spot foul. Know where the LOS is and where the foul occurred.

Preliminary signal, relocate the flag if necessary, go to referee

Press coverage – watch the RCV face mask for chucks. Could be a hand to the face.

Advantage/Disadvantage – Is there an advantage gained?

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